Source code for GeoHealthCheck.plugins.probe.wms

from GeoHealthCheck.probe import Probe
from GeoHealthCheck.plugin import Plugin
from owslib.wms import WebMapService

[docs]class WmsGetMapV1(Probe): """ Get WMS map image using the OGC WMS GetMap v1.1.1 Operation for single Layer. """ NAME = 'WMS GetMap WMS v1.1.1. operation on SINGLE Layer' DESCRIPTION = """ Do WMS GetMap v1.1.1 request with user-specified parameters for single Layer. """ RESOURCE_TYPE = 'OGC:WMS' REQUEST_METHOD = 'GET' REQUEST_TEMPLATE = '?SERVICE=WMS&VERSION=1.1.1&' + \ 'REQUEST=GetMap&LAYERS={layers}&SRS={srs}&' + \ 'BBOX={bbox[0]},{bbox[1]},{bbox[2]},{bbox[3]}&' + \ 'WIDTH={width}&HEIGHT={height}&FORMAT={format}' + \ '&STYLES={styles}&EXCEPTIONS={exceptions}' PARAM_DEFS = { 'layers': { 'type': 'stringlist', 'description': 'The WMS Layer, select one', 'default': [], 'required': True, 'range': None }, 'srs': { 'type': 'string', 'description': 'The SRS as EPSG: code', 'default': 'EPSG:4326', 'required': True, 'range': None }, 'bbox': { 'type': 'bbox', 'description': 'The WMS bounding box', 'default': ['-180', '-90', '180', '90'], 'required': True, 'range': None }, 'width': { 'type': 'string', 'description': 'The image width', 'default': '256', 'required': True }, 'height': { 'type': 'string', 'description': 'The image height', 'default': '256', 'required': True }, 'format': { 'type': 'string', 'description': 'The image format', 'default': 'image/png', 'required': True, 'range': None }, 'styles': { 'type': 'string', 'description': 'The Styles to apply', 'default': None, 'required': False }, 'exceptions': { 'type': 'string', 'description': 'The Exception format to use', 'default': 'application/vnd.ogc.se_xml', 'required': True, 'range': None } } """Param defs""" CHECKS_AVAIL = { 'GeoHealthCheck.plugins.check.checks.HttpHasImageContentType': { 'default': True }, 'GeoHealthCheck.plugins.check.checks.NotContainsOwsException': { 'default': True } } """ Checks for WMS GetMap Response available. Optionally override Check PARAM_DEFS using set_params e.g. with specific `value` or even `name`. """ def __init__(self): Probe.__init__(self) self.layer_count = 0
[docs] def get_metadata(self, resource, version='1.1.1'): """ Get metadata, specific per Resource type. :param resource: :param version: :return: Metadata object """ return WebMapService(resource.url, version=version)
# Overridden: expand param-ranges from WMS metadata
[docs] def expand_params(self, resource): # Use WMS Capabilities doc to get metadata for # PARAM_DEFS ranges/defaults try: wms = self.get_metadata_cached(resource, version='1.1.1') layers = wms.contents self.layer_count = len(layers) # Layers to select self.PARAM_DEFS['layers']['range'] = list(layers.keys()) # Image Format for oper in wms.operations: if == 'GetMap': self.PARAM_DEFS['format']['range'] = \ oper.formatOptions break # Take random layer to determine generic attrs for layer_name in layers: layer_entry = layers[layer_name] break # SRS srs_range = layer_entry.crsOptions self.PARAM_DEFS['srs']['range'] = srs_range # bbox list: 0-3 is bbox, 4 is SRS bbox = layer_entry.boundingBox bbox_srs = bbox[4] self.PARAM_DEFS['srs']['default'] = bbox_srs # if it is not EPSG:4326 we need to transform bbox # if bbox_srs != 'EPSG:4326': # bbox = transform_bbox('EPSG:4326', bbox_srs, bbox[:-1]) self.PARAM_DEFS['bbox']['default'] = \ [str(x) for x in bbox[:-1]] self.PARAM_DEFS['exceptions']['range'] = wms.exceptions except Exception as err: raise err
[docs]class WmsGetMapV1All(WmsGetMapV1): """ Get WMS map image for each Layer using the WMS GetMap operation. """ NAME = 'WMS GetMap WMS v1.1.1. operation on ALL Layers' DESCRIPTION = """ Do WMS GetMap v1.1.1 request for all Layers with user-specified parameters. """ # Copy all PARAM_DEFS from parent to have own instance PARAM_DEFS = Plugin.merge(WmsGetMapV1.PARAM_DEFS, {}) def __init__(self): WmsGetMapV1.__init__(self) self.wms = None self.layers = None # Overridden: expand param-ranges from WMS metadata # from single-layer GetMap parent Probe and set layers # fixed to *
[docs] def expand_params(self, resource): WmsGetMapV1.expand_params(self, resource) val = 'all %d layers' % self.layer_count self.PARAM_DEFS['layers']['range'] = [val] self.PARAM_DEFS['layers']['value'] = val self.PARAM_DEFS['layers']['default'] = val
[docs] def before_request(self): """ Before request to service, overridden from base class""" # Get capabilities doc to get all layers try: self.wms = self.get_metadata_cached(self._resource, version='1.1.1') self.layers = self.wms.contents.keys() except Exception as err: self.result.set(False, str(err))
[docs] def perform_request(self): """ Perform actual request to service, overridden from base class""" if not self.layers: self.result.set(False, 'Found no WMS Layers') return self.result.start() results_failed_total = [] for layer in self.layers: self._parameters['layers'] = [layer] # Let the templated parent perform Probe.perform_request(self) self.run_checks() # Only keep failed Layer results # otherwise with 100s of Layers the report grows out of hand... results_failed = self.result.results_failed if len(results_failed) > 0: # We have a failed layer: add to result message for result in results_failed: result.message = 'layer %s: %s' % (layer, result.message) results_failed_total += results_failed self.result.results_failed = [] self.result.results = [] self.result.results_failed = results_failed_total